4K Giveaway and Viral Videos

It’s been a whirlwind October that’s for damn sure! I thought I would pop in to say hello and give a few quick updates on what has been going on with me.

4000 Subscribers on the ole’ tube

My hearts work has gained some traction on YouTube (where I expunge the bulk of my beauty efforts, instead of here, which I know… is not always my best laid plan). HOWEVER thank you to everyone has been with me from the get go and all who are new. As a thank you I have done another giveaway valued at over $300 of product… a Natasha Denona palette, Becca highlighters and the Sephora favourites are the prize! Please check out the video and rafflecopter link if you are interested in entering, it’s a pretty simple task!

Enter here

Going ‘Viral’

I am not entirely sure if there is any set rule on what counts as going viral, but I posted a video about the KVD Fetish Face palette, and within a few days it was almost over 30K views and had hundreds of comments.  So to me, this is viral in my world. I realize that this very much assisted in the 4K goal, however I am shocked at how rude some people are in the comments and just expect the worst from me. Disappointing to say the least. YouTube requires a thick skin, let me tell you. If you are interested in that video or the comments feel free to check that out here! Damn internet bullys… they don’t know what’s up that’s for sure.

As for other updates, I did just return home from GenBeautyNYC, and I had great intentions of doing a video on what I picked up while I was away as well as what was in the grab bags/ the overall experience. But to be honest, I am so overwhelmed with ‘Stuff’ right now I didn’t have it in me to actually sit down with it around me for multiple days until I could get it filmed and posted. Therefore I will probably do a get ready with me and just chat about my experience, as well as use a lot of the products I got. Does that work for everyone? Let me know if that is something you would be interested in! If not that is okay too!

Full disclosure I am NOT good at taking pictures while on vacation because I hate living my experiences through a camera lens, but here are a few things I captured.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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