Where Have I Been? Puppy Update!

For anyone who doesn’t know me personally, you may be wondering where I have been..  I haven’t posted anything for almost a week, and this is very unlike me. I also haven’t been participating on your lovely peoples blogs either which I try to do every single day to support the team! (even if I’m not posting myself)

However I have a damn good reason I promise!

On Tuesday of this week my husband and I picked up our Princess Athena. She is a pure bread Cane Corso and has been keeping us absolutely occupied since the second she walked in the door.

There is a good chance there will be a very serious post on how to cover up sleep deprivation with under eye concealer.

Without further a-due, here is the sweet angel baby herself!Athenapuppyeyes   IMG_1791IMG_1776 IMG_1786   IMG_1775IMG_1789

I know it looks like she is always sleeping but I promise you she is impossible to take a picture of her when she is awake!

For those of you wondering whats on her head… it’s foam. She has been nicknamed “La Petite Fromage” by my girlfriends. The foam helps shape her ears up. There will be an intro video coming soon when I can get a moment to film without her trying to knock over the tripod.

Upcoming posts this week: MUFE Artist Palette 2 review, La Palette 1 & 2 Review and maybe a few extras here and there to make up for last week!

If there is anything else you would like to see specifically let me know!

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Seriously considering a Youtube Channel for Athena. They are a fairly rare breed and she does a lot of funny things! Let me know what you think 🙂

19 thoughts on “Where Have I Been? Puppy Update!”

  1. Awe, how precious! I have a German Shepherd and a Lab and even though they are more around 4ish they still keep me pretty busy 🙂 She’s so cute! Yeah you may have to put her in a different room when you film, you don’t want to risk the camera… my GS ate the one I was using last Fall and it sucks so bad but you can’t be mad at them :-/ P.S. your Twitter and Instagram links don’t work!!!

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    1. Came corso’s have really long floppy ears and it’s just a breeding ground for ticks and ear infections etc. In the long run it is normally better to crop them and avoid some health problems. I’m not a huge advocate for it but it was recommended by a lot of people

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