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Some of my Favourite Small Youtubers

I don’t think the small guys really get as much credit as they deserve. I have made some friends with some pretty amazing people over the last 9 months in this world.

If you are looking for some new people to check out, I am going to give some suggestions! Please click the channel names to subscribe and let them know CcosmeticChaos sent you!


About: “I am a licensed cosmetologist and aesthetician, that owns the first Organic salon on Nantucket Island. I do make-up, skincare, and hair care reviews to help keep me in the red lipstick life ! I am also the CEO of Nantucket Skin, a line of Luxury Skin Care & Nail Care Products made on Nantucket Island, by Nantucket Natives. Our Fast Drying Top Coat is THE BOMB !!”

Niki Murphy

About: “Come join my Beauty Family! I do tutorials, hauls, reviews, and giveaways! Maybe even a couple rants!”


About: “Hey guys :D. I’m a weirdo with a huge love of makeup, body paint, and all things nerdy ;). Don’t know where to start? Check out my playlists! Don’t see something on my channel yet? Leave me a comment and I’ll change that :D. So what are you waiting for? Subscribe to get regular updates on all the craziness that is NoBlandMakeup!”


About: “Hi I’m Cassie, a makeup, hair, and beauty enthusiast. I upload hair and makeup tutorials, along with lifestyle vlogs and some other requested topics. If you like what I do subscribe so you never miss a video!Send me letters and things 😀 I’d love to hear from you!”


About: ”

I am just a normal girl, that plays games, likes makeup, and nail designs. I am not a pro, nor do i pretend to be. I am always learning new techniques, and i like to share my styles with you.

I make videos for the following:

*hair, makeup and nail tutorials.

*the occasional review on beauty products.

*Hauls from my shopping endeavors.

*random tag videos. I hope you like it and i hope that it helps many people. For collaborations and business inquiries, please contact via email or one of my many social media pages


About “Part Time Blogger/YouTuber. Full Time Geek.”

11 thoughts on “Some of my Favourite Small Youtubers”

  1. I watch all of these youtubers too! They are definitely some of my faves! P.S. Your channel is one of my favorite small youtube channels too 😀 ❤ You have that dry sass factor to your personality that ROCKS! As always I love hearing from you Candice!

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  2. I went and checked out a video from each one and really like them all. So subbed them all. Wrote down their names of their channels. Bad memory. So I can go back and watch them. I haven’t updated my sub list in a long time and don’t even know who some of the ppl r that r on my list. So writing new ones down and going to go thru it sometimes and update it. Don’t want to forget these girls. I really enjoyed this. Thanku so much.

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    1. Whoops didn’t leave comment or who sent me but will when I go back to watch. I really like the smaller channels. They just seem more real and unaffected by not pissing a brand off so they don’t send them products they like and want. Just get that vibe sometimes from some of the Big channels. I like keeping it real. Lol. Thanks again ur great.

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