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Mojave Mud Mask | Demo Review and Product Information

Hi guys! I am sure some of you have already see my video demo on the Mojave Mud Mask that was sent to me for review, and I said I would put up my final thoughts. 

Product Description from their website:

MOJAVE MUD (pure calcium bentonite clay) is more than a cosmetic or cleansing facial mask.  It is an EXPERIENCE.  Naturally ionized and charged  in the Mojave Desert by the intense heat and vibrant sun of the area, it has proven to be the perfect combination for the finest cosmetic clay in the world.MOJAVE MUD is the ultimate external healing, cleansing, and detoxifying EXPERIENCE! – LIVE FLAWLESS

1.  Rejuvenate – Naturally cleanses pores deeply through ion charge transfer

2.  Rich – Produced from the purest vein of cosmetic clay in the world

3.  Balance – Science Tested, Nature Approved

4.  Ageless – Toxins extracted, leaving skin gently tightened with a youthful glow

5.  Experience – Step into the elegance of the finest spa

Ingredient: 100% Pure Calcium Bentonite Clay delivered directly from Mother Earth.  MOJAVE MUD is one ingredient with wonders of solutions.

I like that the product is only one ingredient and doesn’t have a bunch of mish mash in it. It’s  a simple explanation of what and how it works which I can completely appreciate.

Check out my video demo!

Final Thought? Would I buy this? YES I would, I couldn’t even believe the price on their website. I expected this to be one of those billion dollar face masks (read- -glam glow) and it’s not. Are you guys ready for this? It sells for $8.97 for 9.25 Oz. on sale! (regular price is $19.97) This is a huge find, even with the redness on my face I was still fairly impressed!


Happy shopping!

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